Magic and Motion

The Mechanics of Body Illusion

Written By:

Ardan James

Edited By:

Paul Mahn

About the Book:

How can you combine magic and movement to make a stronger impression on your audience? “Magic and Motion” demonstrates the significance of physical movement in magical presentation through diagrams and descriptions and applies them to some magic effects you may already have in your repertoire.

Due to overwhelming requests, this book was translated to Japanese for all the magicians in Japan.

Available at the Jest for Fun Joke Shop in Waukesha, WI as well as your local magic store, this book is written for an audience of magicians.


  • Movement and its Role in Magic
  • Mechanics of Movement
  • Common Questions & Problems
  • Movement’s Application in Magic

About the Author:

Ardan James is a working entertainer who shares his comic physical illusions with audiences around the world. A professional since 1989, Ardan has been a popular performer in eight countries, on television, and has been featured at Her Majesty’s Theatre in London, the L.A. Comedy & Magic Club, and Hollywood’s Magic Castle. He has a B.S. in Media Arts, with a minor in Education. Ardan lectures worldwide in the art of mime and magic, and has won over ten national awards to date.